Bob and Leslie Castañón

This Web Site is dedicated to Leslie,  who for 32 years has been a wonderful wife, friend and partner.  She has put up with me for reasons that are not always obvious. She has always had the confidence and support to believe in anything I do, and for that, I love her. She is of course, my soul mate.

 On another note, this Web Site is intended to bring all friends and family together. A place where everyone can go back and reminisce about the good times we had together. It is a site that I hope brings happiness and enjoyment to you while visiting.  Here you will find everyone from old friends to new friends, young and old alike, and everyone in between. So enjoy everyone.

 I also officially retired from teaching  after 29 years of service. I have now contemplated the direction of my life and have decided to assume more control over it. I want to be able to create more options for myself and to have the ability to set the path I want to follow. To start this process, I have set new goals for myself in life. First I want to get re-connected with society. And second, I want to take advantage of my outgoing personality that will allow me to make new contacts professionally and personally. Last and foremost, I want to maintain a warm and healthy relationship with my wife and children as adults, create new friendships, and to continue to work and preserve the friendships that have meant so much to me through out the years.

I would also like to share a little background on the name Castanon along with a litlle bit of family history. The surname Castañón derives from the Spanish name (Castañón), which is a topographic name from an augmentative of castaño ‘chestnut’ or for someone who lived by a field named with this word. From what I have been told, my grandparents on my fathers side were named Jesus Castañón and Manuela Castañón. They were believed to have been first cousins. They had one child, a son, who they named Roberto Castañón Castañón. He was born in Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes, Mexico.My father has since passsed away. He left this world on May 29th 2011, at the age of 84 and my Mother Catarina Fernandez Castañón passed away a year and a half later on October 22, 2012 at the age of 86. I miss you Mom and Dad. Gone but not never forgotten.

 In the early fifties my father migrated to the U.S and there met my mother, Catarina Fernandez of Brownsville, Texas. They were married in 1955 and moved to East Chicago, Indiana where they had four sons. Victor Manuel was the first born, followed by the birth of Roberto Jr., Arturo and then Hector. My brother Art passed away on July 5th 2004, at the age of 46. Love you Art. In 1982 I married Leslie Patricia Zellerbach who is the daughter of James D. Zellerbach of San Francisco and Gloria Eugenia Rosas of Veracruz Mexico. In 1983  my wife gave birth to my oldest daughter named Leslie Jenice, followed by Robin Candice and then Jordan Allison respectively. Two live here in Brownsville, and my oldest lives in the Dallas Texas.. I of course, still reside in Brownsville,Texas.

Robert Bob Castañón